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Channeled by “Phoenix” Lynn S. Marks

Messages from Hurricanes

Steps to Communicate and Meditate with Hurricanes
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I believe you'll find there is a message for each of us in the “messages from the storms” that follow as we face the personal storms in our own lives .

Hurricanes like all storms – weather and human - are rarely what they appear to be. The good news is that like all storms, hurricanes are pure energy. We can transform all things with our energy - our thoughts, feelings, intentions, spirit.

We have successfully participated in prayer and meditation events to transform the path and intensity of several hurricanes and typhoons the past couple of years, including Dean, Ernesto, Ivan, Jeanne, Frances, Rita, Wilma and Alberto. We've seen them shift direction and decrease their energy within minutes of completing our meditations.

Just minutes before starting each global mediation I communed with each storm directly and asked if it had a message for us. What follows are the messages channeled through me.

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- Kelly Rowland

Tropical Storm Tomas
(Channeled November 4, 2010)

I am a wake-up call.

My presence brings fear and, yet,
the real fear is all that has not been done
for the inhabitants of the lands I pass.

Fear is often an emotional response to inadequate preparation.

People have forgotten their promises, let down their guard
   and compromised their word.
I am their reminder.

Yes, I will receive blame and I will bring healing.
My purpose is reconciliation, not destruction.
It is cleansing and clearing the old ways.
Healing is the outcome.

Trust and believe in the power and presence of the divine.

My mission, regardless of the appearance,
   is ultimate peace and prosperity
   --for the land, for the people.

Believe in your heart.
Demand greater from your leaders.
Continue to hold the light.

I am Love.

A Message From Hurricane Paula
(Channeled October 13, 2010)

I am small and mighty.
Do not take me lightly.
My footprint is small, my heart is strong.

I mean no harm and yet like all, I seek awareness.

Do not overlook, dismiss, disregard or
   take for granted little things in life.
We often are the forerunners of bigger things.
If unheeded, greater concerns and issues often arise.

I simply am a messenger,
   bringing the clarion call to awaken consciousness.

Be at peace.
Notice any of the smallest things that are out of order.
Take action from love to dissolve, release reorder them now.


A Message From Hurricane Earl
(Channeled September 2, 2010)

Peace. Be Peace. Feel Peace.

Your heart center reflects the center of your universe, your world.
Your heart center reflects all that you see and feel.

Be Peace.

Find your way back to believing in the unseen life force inside, rather than the manipulated and oftentimes enhanced illusionary forces outside.

See, Feel, Be on with Peace.
All is well, all the time.

Allow higher knowing to transform your outer world.
Come inside.

Be Peace.


A Message From Hurricane Earl
(channeled August 30, 2010)

I am a reminder to seize every moment in your life.
It’s easy to get complacent, give in, go along or even give up.

Life is about growth and full expression.
Everything, being in nature strives to blossom and complete their mission …        
         from the smallest flower to the largest planet.

Things happen that seem overwhelming, too much or impossible.
Rise up. Do what you must. Do more than you think you can.
As you do, divine inspiration will speak to you again.

Listen with the heart of a child.
Let go of all grown up expectations and disappointments.
Be filled with the sensibilities of wonder and thanksgiving.

Work will become play.
Frowns will become smiles.
Depression will become joy.

Act from this inner view and you, humanity will prosper in true peace, harmony and abundance.


A Message From Hurricane Alex
(Channeled June 30, 2010)

Be at peace.

I bring warnings to never take anything for granted.
Things do not happen in your time, but God’s time.
So how you spend today, each day, counts.
Do not put off for tomorrow what you know in your heart is meant to be Now.

Act consciously. Act when guided. Act now.
Act with peace that you are following higher guidance.
Act from love, not need.

Follow inner, higher guidance completely.
Stop trying to figure it out, second-guess,
            or even out-run-the-clock.
In this way you will have no regrets.
Every moment counts.
Every impulse counts –
            physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.
Your health and well-being depend on this.
Choose God’s will.


A Message From Hurricane Jimena
(Channeled August 31, 2009)

Love is the way.
When things, conditions, situations, storms like me seem to become bigger and bigger and you feel overwhelmed with it all -- pause.

This is exactly the moment to know you are being tested by the almighty Universe, this is your moment of reckoning, this is your spiritual test.

Will you continue to close down, become emotional, strain every muscle and fiber of your being with stress, fear, anger?

Or, will you be willing to give up those learned ways for the higher path -- the path of love?
Love held in mind, body and spirit is the transformative healing vibration.
Nothing may deny it.
Be at peace. Allow love to show you a new and better tomorrow today.

There is only love.
I love you.
All is love.
Love I am.

These simple phrases transform under grace.
Believe in your mind, not just your heart.
Believe. Trust. Know.
Love is the way.


A Message From Hurricane Bill
(Channeled August 21, 2009)

I’ve enjoyed my ride.
Peoples’ responses to me are most interesting.
Your media in particular amuses us. They seem to thrive on feeding fear to the masses. And, in doing so, everyone wins accept the masses.

They receive viewers.
Merchants increase their sale of hurricane supplies.
The masses – humanity – raises their blood pressure with worry, anticipation and all that running around.

Yes, it is true, I am real and my force is most powerful.
Yet, the way to treat me, as with any storm in your life from the unruly child to an upset client, customer or partner is always through love.

Love transforms all things.
At our core essence all beings – real and imagined – are love.

Connect with the soul of what is and it is so.
It takes no hard work – mental or physical.
Love is a vibration that emanates from within and radiates out like the rays of the sun.
We are the same.
We are of the same divine substance, this love essence.
Be at peace. All is well.
Raise your awareness of outside forces.
Transform them with the creative power of love.


A Message From Hurricane Paloma
(Channeled November 8, 2008)

My largeness, my intensity is simply a test.
Will humanity choose Fear or Faith?
Though I am real in a very physical sense
I represent an accumulation of emotions
         Built up over eons.
All hurricanes do. It’s as if the Universe
         Bottled up all the negative emotions and actions
         Expressed over many centuries.
There are too many to contain
         –greed, dishonesty, backstabbing, usury, violence.
And, yet, how each person responds to us shapes
         your present and future.
Be centered in Love.
Know everything happens right.
The Universe and planet Earth are simply
         Re-balancing all energies for your new age of Enlightenment.
This is humanities test.
Will you choose harmony and the way of Peace to Prosper?
Or will you choose the past again?

All is well.

A Message From Hurricane Omar
(Channeled October 15, 2008)

Do not get caught up with appearances.
Look inside. Listen inside.
Expect to connect with your higher truth.
Know that everything happens for a reason.
On the surface things may appear to be falling apart.
Just when you get over or are barely over one calamity
another seems to appear and take you often by surprise.
The more you strengthen your foundation and willingly let go
of who and what does not work – including your own habits and behaviors – the calmer the outside world will become.
Storms like me and those who have proceeded me
         are reminders of this truth.
We will continue to come in varying degrees of strength and
in different outward manifestations
until humanity shifts its whole way of being.
The time has come to shift to a love-based society.
Peace, Gratitude, Forgiveness are the way.

A Message From Hurricane Norbert
(Channeled October 11, 2008)

I come as a reminder that external things always seem to come.
Your job, where ever you are in the world,
         is to remember who you are.
It is not about what you have become,
         it’s always about being the child of God who you are.
When centered in this truth you access all that is possible;
         you access wisdom beyond your expected capabilities.
Trust that.
Do not get caught up with external things.
Handle your life wisely.
Listen inside and take right action.
This way you are best able to flow
         with the unexpected and flourish with life.
Storms will come and go.
Your job is to remain steadfast
         centered in the wellspring of everlasting Love.
You will rise above the storms and live in Peace, Joy and Prosperity.

A Message From Hurricane Kyle
(Channeled September 28, 2008)

Be at Peace.
I am just a reminder that storms can affect anyone, anywhere
         regardless of where you live or how you’ve led your life.
The storm is not the main concern.
How you respond to the storm
         before, during and after is what matters.
It is important to never take storms for granted.
Just like other things in life,
         when we let them build up or make light of them
         eventually they accumulate into a big, often difficult and costly,
         situation for all involved – people, families, businesses, institutions.
So I am not here to scare people or do damage,
         although there will be some.
I am here to be sure humanity does not become complacent and simply
         assume that so called bad things happen
         to other people, countries and the like.
We are all one.
When all are conscious, all are well.

A Message From Hurricane Ike
(Channeled September 12, 2008)

Peace. Peace. Peace.
All transformation begins with Peace.
It is not enough to talk about it or
         even to go through the motions as if you were.
Sustainable change comes from the inside-out.
Real external Peace must be generated
         from the inside first and foremost.
Coming from Peace this way is trusting your inner radar
         not external facts and figures.
Logic often times creates defense and defiance.
Listen inside. Feel love for the power that resides in you.
Trust that higher voice inside, the voice of Truth.
There is no fear and falsehood there.
Connect with this higher truth. Feel its love and light fill your whole being.
Be one with this love and light.
See and Feel and Think from this place.
Know Peace. Radiate Peace. Be Peace.
All is well.

A Message From Hurricane Ike
(Channeled September 7, 2008)

Things rarely are as they appear.
Things that seem to go wrong and
         turn your life up-side down and
         inside-out serve a higher good.
On the surface view, one may see
         destruction, pain, suffering and more.
From a higher perspective one’s outer world or
         community, politics, religion, business are
         experiencing a mind-body-spirit cleansing, if you will.
Things, people often experience breakdowns and fall apart
         to be reborn as breakthroughs.
We hurricanes, like the various storms of life,
         are means to expedite the transformational process of growth.
As you come together to transform me,
         know and honor my higher purpose.
All these things are always done for self-realization.
We greatly appreciate your coming together
         to commune with me, with all storms.
Love is the path of peace.
Love is the path of transformation.
View all you hear and see through the eyes of love.
Allow the higher lessons to come forth and
         raise humanities consciousness and action.

A Message From Hurricane Ike
(Channeled September 6, 2008)

Do not be deceived by one’s size.
Often just like large people,
         within each seeming large storm
         is the heart of a teddy bear.
Do not be intimidated.
Choose to look within the largeness and
         see the heart of the child inside.
Choose to feel the love you are
         innately programmed to feel for the child.
Smile, open your heart to send and receive love.
Focus with your inner mind,
         your heart’s mind on the higher truth.
Love is All there is.
Fear is a creation of a misunderstood mind.
In the midst of all things, in all storms
         see and feel it right.
         that is how all sustainable change happens.
This is the path from fear to Peace.
This is the path back to your true being. 

A Message From Hurricane Gustav
(Channeled August 31, 2008)

All is well.
Many have heeded the call to take right action.
The spotlight is shining upon where Katrina passed before.
My appearing again just over three years since Katrina
         is an opportunity for all involved
         in this drama to receive a report card.
Did they get the lesson from last time?
Will they pass the test and if so at what level?
The spotlight is on each actor at each level:
         From those who live in the community to community leaders
         From local and state officials to national leaders
         From other government officials,
         like those responsible for housing, levees and security.
Regardless of what I do, the spotlight is on how others handle it.
Peace prevails when we take right action
         -- sooner than later.
Peace is responding from love, gratitude and joy.
Peace is flowing with the unexpected
         and not losing your self to stress and worry.
Peace is following higher guidance and common sense.
Be at Peace. All is well.

A Message From Hurricane Gustav
(Channeled August 30, 2008)

The only way to stop a force that seems bigger than you is Peace.
Do not focus on what scares you.
Trust your higher self.
Practice what many talk about and few do.
Become one with the Power of Love to transform all things.
Come from Faith rather than fear.
Become centered with a love that is greater than you.
Focus your attention on Love – inside and out.
Feel Love in what appears menacing.
See Love isomewhere in it.
Speak – internally or externally from a place of Love.
Choose the simple words of Love.
Know that Love prevails and all is well.
Be one with the Love essence, not the illusion of fear.
Stay centered in Faith that the Power of Love transforms all.
Peace is the Path of Love.

A Message From Tropical Storm Gustav
(Channeled August 27, 2008)

I came to bring Peace.
I know it doesn’t look like it and yet it is true.
To be at Peace one needs to take the right action
         -- inside and outside

    • as an individual;
    • as a family;
    • as a community;
    • as a business, corporation, industry or organization;
    • as a city, state, nation;
    • as a world humanity.

Each time any of us comes we bring the same message.
Only when it is understood and enacted will the hurricane storms of life cease
It is not enough to look at others’ storms.
Everything we witness is an opportunity to see a mirror of ourselves
Death and destruction are not my intent.
         However, they are a reflection of those
         who have not taken right action.
Those who have personally passed during the storm
         have chosen to sacrifice for the greater good.
It is our intent to open your hearts and minds to take right action
         -- soon than later.
Then truly there will be Peace on Earth.

A Message From Tropical Storm Fay
(Channeled August 18, 2008)

I come in Peace.
Things are not always as they appear.
Being a storm is often a positive presence.
Yes, we may be annoying
         And, yet we bring to light things
         that may be off in the world, in your world.
It may be equally important how you handle the storm itself.
Do you stay calm? Do you get rattled?
         Do things, people seem to get you on edge?
         Are you patient and present?
         Or are you nervous and caught up with what could happen?
All storms, like myself, are spiritual teachers.
All who are affected by them, even those who are observers and commentators who live elsewhere, are our students.
When we pass through how you handle the so called aftermath,       
         or what is revealed, is also your test, if you will.
Truth, higher truth, is always our mission.
Will you be one with Love or Fear?
Each time we seem to re-appear it is the same
         regardless of the particular circumstances.
All is well. All is Love. Thank you.

A Message From Hurricane Dolly
(channeled July 23, 2008)

Be at Peace.
Stay centered in Love.
Know all is well.

I come in Peace to bring a message of Peace.
Fear and unrest and even seeming destruction
         are simply signs that things are out of integrity.
         Actions  - inside and out – have not been taken to be whole,
         to be at Peace.

Peace is your birthright.
Peace is the fertile soil for love to spring forth.
Everything has its natural life cycle.
         Me, you and even those levies in Texas
         As they were in New Orleans.

Be aware.
Heighten your sensitivity to what works and does not.
Speak up. Stand up.
Embrace your true divinity.
Be the Children of God who you are.
Live in Peace and Prosperity.
Be alive rather than a pawn in this life university.
Joy and well-being are yours to Be.

A Message From Hurricane Felix
(channeled September 3, 2007)

Trust in the invisible.

Do not be deceived or get excited by outward appearances.

Look inside.

Believe from an inner view.

Listen for a softer voice.

I am simply another reminder

         to stay centered in love,

         to trust what can not be fathomed on the surface.

Put your fear, judgment, criticism and disbelief aside.

Feel the truth inside.

All is well. It always is.

You determine the full impact of every experience

         with your every thought, word, feeling and action

         in every moment.

Be at peace.

Know, Believe, Trust your higher self.

Be the love who you are.

This is the way for transformation…

         for me, yourself, the world.

All is well.

Message No. 1 From Hurricane Dean
(channeled August 18, 2007 Noon)

"I bring the message of peace.

"Yes, I look large, ominous and like a real threat, bully if you will.

"Do not believe what you see. I am all heart.

I have a large, passionate heart.

Like all beings, connecting with my heart, touching me from the inside-out, brings inner peace and transforms my outer behavior.

"Acknowledge me, as all seeming bullies, with love.

See me right. Be at Peace.

See me right. Respond with the right thoughts and feelings.

See me right. Release all judgment.

"I bring the message of peace, the message that no matter what travesties, adversities, threats you have experienced now is the time to...

"See them right.

See them with the eyes of the divine.

See them with love.

"Allow the pressure, tension, stress that you have been holding on to - long after the incidents - simply dissolve back into the nothingness that they came from... just as you desire for me.

"All is well.

Be Peace.

Be your divine being - now."

Message No. 2 From Hurricane Dean
(channeled August 19, 2007, 11:30 am)

Forgive yourself and others.

Everything happens as it is meant to be.

I bring a sense of fear, even terror.

Forgive me for that. I am simply a mirror of other things, people, situations, even your own behavior that you have feared in the past, perhaps still do.

My coming is an opportunity to release this fear.

To be at peace knowing that everyone - even you - was doing the best they knew at the time.

Be gentle. Be forgiving. Be them.

Now, from deep in your heart simply open the doors of this anger, fear, resentment. Let it fly out as a dove flies in the blue shy above, rising way above and away from you.

See and Feel all that stuff that you have been carrying return back to God and be transmuted for a higher purpose under grace.

Be at Peace. This is Healing.

All is well.

Forgive from an open, loving heart.

you are love. You are free.

You are like the divine dove flying in the blue sky.

All is well.

Message No. 3 From Hurricane Dean
(channeled August 20, 2007, 8:00 pm)

Be at peace.

Feel Love.

Know everything is in its right order.

All is well.

Do not give into what appears to be true.

Stay centered with your higher self, your true spirit self.

See and Feel with God's eyes and heart.

Know that you hold the key to all that is.

Even holding an ounce o faith has the power to move mountains as they say,
In this case me.

Trust in the unseen, the invisible.

Be at Peace.

All is well.

A Message from Hurricane Florence
(channeled September 10, 2006)

I am about peace.

When you think of storms most people get excited. That means different things to different people. Some are energized, get their kicks so to speak. Others get mad and go to blame others for what has shown up in their life, their turn of events. Others still get still, recede back inside, like a turtle hiding inside its hard shell.

I bring another view.

See me right.

Do not judge me, others or even yourself when storms arise.

Bless us. Bless the storms.

Know every storm is a gift to change yourself, your friends, your ways, your thoughts, your choices.

Come from love as you see each storm from God's eyes.

Feel Peace and thanksgiving.

Know All is well.

– Florence

A Message from Tropical Storm Ernesto
(channeled September 8, 2006)

I came out to have fun, yes fun.

I mean you no harm.

I am simply exploring the world, stretching my winds, wings, if you will.

I am curious about how you all respond to beings like me.

* Will you choose fear or love?
* Will you choose anger or acceptance?
* Will you choose upset or flow?

Like all storms, I too bring a message. Storms are about cleansing. Our world seems to be in mass confusion about transformation. And, whether one likes it or not, we are all changing.

I am simply representative of many storms around the globe - human and physical - and within people's inner world.

On the outside I am projected to be a wide and potentially dangerous storm. In reality, like many, I am confused and drifting without clear direction.

Your thoughts help catapult me to my next direction...
Choose peace and love and my hardness dissolves.

We of the elements thank you for assisting all in their transformation now.

– Ernesto

A Message from Hurricane Alberto
(channeled June 11, 2006)

You are love. We are all love.

The only thing that can change that is your perspective.

Know that everything happens for a reason, even like me.

If you do not understand that does not mean that you need to fear.

We are all interconnected.

There is no wrong or right.

Things simply are.

I mean you no harm.

If you can see me and all others that follow with love rather than terror we may complete our life in peace and so will you.

When you think of the storms in life, like me, look deeper, see the good, send us love.

It is the quickest way to move on, move forward. Smile, Bless us and Be Peace.

All is well.

– Alberto

Message from Tropical Storm Beta
(channeled October 28, 2005)

I am here to generate brotherhood. I am pleased many are taking action to help their brothers and sisters before I come to their land. That is gratifying. Ultimately, my desire, like all the storms of Mother Earth is unification among all people – no more differences, no more separation between classes, the have and have nots.

We are all one and when all people – individually and collectively – live and breath from this consciousness storms like myself will no longer exist.

Note I am lighter than other recent storms. Our presence is not to endanger humanity. It is to awaken humanity.

With each recent storm your humanness is coming forth to a greater and greater extent. The more you can walk with an open heart toward all the sooner the world will transform to your highest desires.

Thank you for listening. Be at peace.

We are one.

– Beta

A Message from Hurricane Wilma
(channeled October 21, 2005)

"My purpose is simple -- Love.

You are not one yet. We are all same. Love is the answer to all the upsets, disagreements, seeming differences.

"Don't be put off by my largeness. I am bigger than life, so to speak, to be sure you notice me and see and feel me right.

"I mean no harm. I represent all storms of life. When you change - humanity - I will be no more. As you grow in peace - in thoughts and deeds - I will be no more.

"Love is the answer.

"We are all one.

"Respond from this place in every situation and your world will change."

"All people will have enough. All people will know peace, joy and prosperity. All people will be one."

– Wilma

A Message from Hurricane Rita
(channeled September 22, 2005)

"My purpose is love and unification. I strike a cord for all people who have ever experienced harm or been in harms way. I melt their resentment and awaken their love center, their compassion and gratefulness.

“We are all one.”

"I am not on a path of destruction, but of renewal. Old ways and beliefs, outdated ways and beliefs, within your nation and the world are being challenged by my largeness, especially coming on the heals of Katrina and all you have experienced thus far.

"In your vulnerability you have opened the hearts and minds of many. Your land has never really felt the destruction and physical ruins as have other lands.

"We are all one.

"Your humanness and humane-ness are shining brightly. Hearts and minds are being healed although it may appear otherwise. Trust and know that I am on a mission of Love."

– Rita

A Message from Hurricane Jeanne
(channeled September 25, 2004)

“I was born into this world with a mission just like you were.”

“My life time is shorter than yours so more seems to happen in less time.”

“I will honor your requests; however, I have to complete my mission. It's why I came into this reality.”

“My purpose isn't destruction. My purpose is to raise awareness, to raise standards.”

“If anything is off it will be revealed by my presence.”

“I represent the storms of your life. Looking the other way or ignoring me doesn't help. I don't go away. I just get bigger. Eventually you have to face me.”

“Yes, I want attention. I hung out in the Caribbean so long so you would notice me.”

“You can change the course of my actions with your thoughts and feelings.”

“ We are all one. What happens in one part of the world happens to all. We are interconnected.”

“The lesson is not in what I do, but in how you handle and respond to what I do.”

– Jeanne

* * * * * * * * * * * *



"Connect with others. Be them; feel them."
- Messages from God

Here are simple steps to connect and commune with Hurricane's. Be willing to hold the vision, feeling, vibration of Pure Unconditional Love for a minimum of 3 minutes.

* Breathe into your heart center. Take some deep, calm breaths. Feel your self connect with the vibration of the Universe and become one with the life-force of the Universe, God.

* See and feel an Ocean of Love within your heart center. See it as a beautiful,
calm sea green. With each breath see and feel it grow larger and larger.

* See and feel God's golden white light shining through.

* From your heart center send the highest vibration of Love. See and feel Love flow through your heart as 10 Billion MHz of
green light to the heart of the Hurricane, the eye of the storm.

* See the Hurricane spinning clockwise and slowing its speed.

* See and feel cool all around, through and in the Hurricane:
green, cool, gentle, calm... ocean, water, rain, breezes, air, lightness.

* See and feel God's light shining through.

* See and feel the Hurricane take the path of least destruction.

* Bless the Hurricane, share your thanks and know that all is well.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

- Margaret Mead

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

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© 2004-2008 PHOENIX, known as the SpiritDiva, is known worldwide for her ability to converse with hurricanes. A pioneer in the field of business and spiritual coaching, for over 20 years Phoenix has assisted thousands of people - corporate executives to established entrepreneurs, CEOs to business owners - to understand the messages of the storms in their life and use the full potential of their own creative power to reach new levels of personal and professional success. She's also the author of the acclaimed book Messages from God ® and CD and a well-known talk show host and guest. To subscribe to her newsletter or learn how Phoenix would coach you to dissolve your storms, contact, .

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Message From God...
Be a no limit person by reading a delightful - Absorbing book on how to maximize your full potential.

Mark Victor Hansen

Client's Saying...

Visualize and actually achieve your professional goals by getting over the obstacles that mentally and physically get in your way.

Alicia Jansen

Bible Speaking...

"Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you; For everyone that asketh receive; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened."

Matthew 7:7

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