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February 24, Noon eastern, 9:00 am pacific
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Lynn “Phoenix” Marks is known worldwide for her ability to converse with hurricanes.
When she spoke to the spirit of Hurricane Jeanne in 2004, the message was clear. Jeanne revealed, “My purpose isn't destruction. My purpose is to raise awareness, to raise standards. If anything is 'off' it will be revealed by my presence… I represent the storms of your life.”

Women, Spirit Sisters, Friends –

Are you tired of living with storms in your life?

I'll help you deepen the connection with your inner power, dissolve life's storms and get your life working at a higher level in less than 12 weeks… Guaranteed!

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Wednesday, February 18 * Noon - 1pm EST or 9:30 - 10:30 pm EST
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Phoenix, Lynn Marks

Lynn S. Marks
The Spirit Diva

Lynn Marks, is a gifted intuitive and pioneer in the field of business and spirit coaching.”
– Evolve Magazine

“Phoenix brings the message that nothing is limited.”
– Mystic Pop Magazine

“I've done it with my own life. And, for more than 15 years, I've helped other women apply these same practical, simple, spiritual success strategies to flow through life's storms with ease and grace.

Now it's your turn. Let me coach you to apply the same success process to your own life – and you're guaranteed to take your life to the next level or get a 100% refund on my services. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”



Will You Join Us?

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Are you tired of giving your power away? Feel overwhelmed, lost, battered or stuck in the middle of life's storms? Ready to take your life to the next level? Whether it's relationship issues; money worries; career conflicts or decisions; unexpected events; life decisions; disconnect with family, friends or Source; or feeling powerless… in any way, I'll coach you with proven spiritual success strategies.

How I got my power back…

Hi, I'm Phoenix (Lynn S. Marks). I'm a “Business and Spirit” Coach, international speaker and author of the book Messages from God®. My passion is to see people succeed – to know their truths, and to be all they are meant to be.

I'm called the “Spirit Diva” because I have this ability to enter the spirit (the consciousness) of any situation and see the real meaning there. I've had this gift for many years, but for a long time, I didn't really know what to do with it, to make life better for myself or others.

Like everyone, my life has taken many twists and turns. It hasn't always evolved as I thought it would… or should. After all, I grew up like millions of other American children watching the “Mickey Mouse Club” and thought I was living a Cinderella life.

You know that life. It's the one in which no matter what hardships and injustices you've endured, you are ultimately saved by the prince and live happily ever after together.

I've lived in what I thought was joy and also in deep fear. After two marriages, careers in education and business, owning businesses, making millions and losing millions, losing loved ones and experiencing serious illnesses, I ultimately learned that no other person (prince) could save me. I had to do it myself.

But I learned, too, that I already possessed the power to create, achieve and realize whatever I desired. I just had to draw all my power back to myself, from the myriad places I had unknowingly dispersed it over the years.

Part of this process included acknowledging (and owning) my true gifts, without hedging, hiding or minimizing them.

Looking back, my earliest awareness of my spirit sensing and intuitive gifts came at around age five. And even though I had this ability, it remained dormant for years, because I had no language for it and, honestly, was afraid of what people would think about me if I shared it.

Curiously, coaching clients kept showing up who acknowledged my natural abilities even though I wouldn't. And, thankfully, these clients kept referring new clients.

For over 15 years now, I have been using this unique combination of my powerful “spirit sensing” abilities and my deep business and coaching skills to help clients overcome the same kinds of life storms that I experienced.

I know what it's like to feel powerless, distressed and “stuck.”

I'd rather feel powerful and on top of things.
Wouldn't you?

I've learned how to navigate through the storms AND the doldrums… by recognizing the real meaning behind these feelings and situations, and by applying spiritual success principles so I can shift the energy to a different and better place – quickly.

I have a strong sense of mission about sharing what I've learned. It's who I am, naturally.

This sense of purpose led me to host three different talk radio shows, including “Spirit Talk with Phoenix” on WAXY Radio in Miami, and to write articles that have been published internationally. My first book, Messages from God®, is an oracle book of messages that came through me while working with my business coaching clients. These same clients agreed with me that these messages deserved a wider audience.

Over the years, private coaching clients – professionals, entrepreneurs and executives – have come to me for different reasons, whether for career decisions, personal development, spiritual understanding, relationship issues, business growth (and turnaround), health and healing. They have overcome all kinds of circumstances – known and unknown – that seemed to have been in the way. And, they are living happier, more fulfilling lives today.

And, while I love one-on-one individual coaching, for many people this service may be considered a luxury. (My private coaching fee is currently over $250 an hour.)

However, I feel strongly about helping people succeed in life, no matter the size of their pocketbook. I feel VERY strongly about helping women reclaim their power and greet success on THEIR terms.

This is why I've been guided to develop the Women's Inspiration Network mentoring program and make it available at group rates.

It's the next best way to experience individual coaching with me… in the company of like-minded women in an intimate sacred circle.

12 Supercharged, Inspired Weeks!

The Women's Inspiration Network mentoring program (WIN) is guaranteed to lift you to new heights during 12 super-charged, inspired weeks. (I'm not kidding about the guarantee – you can read it below.)

Group meetings are held via telephone conference (from the comfort of your home or office) and I personally lead each session, or sacred circle, and ensure that everyone on the call receives personal coaching. Also, previous participants tell me they genuinely value what they learned from the other women in their WIN circle.

Additionally – and unique to this telephone-course – if you participate in this group you'll receive a one-hour, individual coaching call with me to jump-start your success (a $266 value).


Marianne Williamson said: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous. Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world.”

Marianne Williamson

Are you ready to be your
brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous self?

Are you ready to see the true (spirit) meaning of your life's confusions, disruptions or crises?

Are you ready to act upon the deeper messages from your personal “storms?”

Are you ready to be all you came into this world to be?

Are you ready to create a life that reflects the divine perfection that you are on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually?

Are you ready to close the gap between what you do and who you are?

Are you ready to reach the next level of prosperity, peace and personal power?

And…are you looking for community of like-minded women to support you in bringing your grandest visions to manifestation?


“I'm excited, recharged…Feel better about me”
“I am so excited. I forgot who I was. It's as though I was asleep. I now take time for myself and feel better about me. And an added benefit is, that as I've grown with each WIN lesson, I'm better able to communicate with my family.

“Thanks to Phoenix's recharging me, I have all these new and old passions resurfacing themselves.”

–Alicia Caudillo

I'm personally inviting you to WIN

Here's how you'll benefit:

Learn spiritual success principles to grow personally and professionally

Be your authentic, powerful Self in the comfort and support of like-minded, spirited women

Transform your life from the inside-out by the power of your thoughts, words and beliefs

Gain clarity and inner peace

Intuitively “Inner Sense” the messages in your life events

Take inspired action

Gail James “Amazed with unexpected results”
“Every WIN class was full of lessons and new awareness. Phoenix's fresh content and personal, interactive format led to unexpected results in my spiritual growth, fulfillment, awareness, inner stability and job search.

“It's amazing to me that at my age I didn't really know the steps to achieve what I said I wanted. The jewels that I learned from Phoenix's WIN class I am now taking into the rest of my life.”

–Gail James,
Director of the Learning Communities Program
Kansas University

This program is perfect for just about every woman

The WIN program is ideal for women who are ready for a “personal power shift” Career women; non-profit women; women business owners; leaders; professionals; executives; mothers; soon to be mothers; wives; daughters; 20-, 30-, 40-, 50+ something; in-transition women and simply woman who are ready to give themselves permission to fully realize their powerful self with grace.

“But will WIN work for me?” you ask.

Yes it will. That's why I guarantee if you participate in my bi-monthly classes and follow the simple action steps, you too will take your life to the next level – or I'll gladly refund all your money.

Here are just a few real examples from real women who have participated in WIN programs:

  • An executive woman found courage to do things she never thought she could at work and with her family. She found the inner strength to tell the head of the foundation where she had worked for 14 years that she needed to explore new options and asked to leave her job with compensation. She received full compensation and insurance for a year. She also discovered the keys to speak with clarity and love rather than frustration and anger with friends and family.

  • An esteemed community leader and professional business owner discovered how to communicate directly with her angels and guardians to grow her business and herself.

  • A former college vice president had gotten off her true career path. Feeling hopelessly frustrated in her current job and her unsuccessful search for a suitable job for more than two years, she transformed unknown inner beliefs and landed the perfect university position that she is proud of today.

  • A dedicated wife and sister found the inner courage to speak her truth and “demand” right action when she discovered her husband's secret that could have “wrecked” their long-term marriage and she also recognized unacceptable behaviors she had been tolerating from her brother for years. She is experiencing more peace and happiness with both relationships now.

  • An executive assistant found spiritual growth through practicing the lessons each week in her real life. She is now expressing greater self confidence in all that she says and does at work and at home.


“Achieved incredible things”
“Women's Inspiration Network helped me to improve my life both professionally and spiritually. Phoenix covers all aspects of our lives – emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. I've been able to do some incredible things these past few months and I'm still growing.”

–Adriana Pecina


Adriana Pecina

Here's how you can join the WIN Program and
learn life-empowering strategies to shift your reality…
and be mentored personally by me, Phoenix


See if WIN's Right For You.
FREE Introductory "Preview" Teleclass

Wednesday, February 18 * Noon - 1pm EST or 9:30 - 10:30 pm EST
Email Phoenix to confirm your interest
in attending WIN Intro

The WIN Mentoring program will consist of 12 weeks with six one-hour, interactive telephone-classes and one hour of additional private coaching time (a $266 value) led by me, Phoenix, in which you will receive the guided lessons, strategies and action steps to be your true, empowered self and create the life you want now with ease, peace and harmony.

Plus each class is taped and made available for unlimited telephone playback for 30 days. Follow-up notes with Action Steps are emailed after each class, too.

Plus, you'll receive a number of special bonus gifts bringing you even more value and personal growth power! 

This program is designed over a 12-week period so you can learn the principles, ask questions, practice the recommended action steps, share successes, get feedback, and continually take your life to the next level. Consider it a 12-week immersion program.


“Feel so much more peace”
Phoenix introduced me to someone new in my life — me and my inner voice.

“I feel blessed by this whole experience. It's allowed me to recognize this wonderful gift that I can use in every aspect of my life. I feel so much more peace since I've been practicing the WIN lessons. This is transformational. I feel like a miracle has happened – now that I'm very centered and peaceful – and this is just the beginning.

–Ana Melgoza


Here are the WIN Mentoring Program details:

You have the choice of enrolling in one of two new WIN sacred circles – the afternoon group or the evening group.

These telephone-classes will begin
February 24, Noon Eastern, 9:00 am Pacific
February 24, 9:30 pm Eastern, 6:30 pm Pacific

The Schedule is:

Telephone Class 1 – February 24

Telephone Class 2 - March 10

Telephone Class 3 - March 24

Telephone Class 4 - April 7

Telephone Class 5 - April 21

Telephone Class 6 - May 5

PLEASE NOTE: I am Intuitively Guided in what I present in each class, based on the needs of those in each sacred circle.

The issues we'll be sensing and working with will keep changing as you transform yourself from week to week. I am able to connect with the core essence of the information you'll need to hear both in our group sessions and private phone coaching calls.

That's how I work as a “Business and Spirit” Coach. That's how I know what a hurricane is feeling. That's how I'll know what each event, relationship, crisis, blockage… whatever your issue is that week… wants you to learn from it. I can teach you how to “know yourself” this clearly, too.

Previous courses have included:

  • Clear, high standards and Increased, extended boundaries
  • Deepen and expand your awareness and practice of R-E-S-P-E-C-T
  • Recognize and expand your willingness to TRUST internally
  • Discern “Mind Talk” from “Divine Talk”
  • “Just say NO” with love, clarity and detachment  
  • Be your “I am Respect” quality/trait/characteristic
  • Stop playing the game; Be Self
  • Trust your higher self; Stop second-guessing
  • Expand your mindfulness of spirit communicating
  • Power of Acknowledgement
  • Making Outrageous Asks!
  • Loving Your Self each day
  • Evening reflection practice
  • “Light Your Pilot; Flick on the Switch” Daily Meditation
  • Live-Be-Express Your Ideal Self

(If you can't make all of the classes live, don't worry; they will be recorded and made available to you for listening at your convenience unlimited times for 30 days following each class.) 

Enroll now and you'll also receive
$519.00 in FREE bonuses

Bonus 1 - A Certificate for a Half-Hour of Personal 1-on-1 Coaching Time with Phoenix ($133.00 value).  This is in addition to the one hour one-on-one coaching session you'll have with me during the beginning of the program to jump-start your success (a $266.00 value). Use this additional one-on-one personal coaching session at any time during the 12-week program, so I may help you with your particular needs.

If you need additional one-on-one time, I'll even give you a 50% discount on my regular coaching fees. I want to help you succeed! 

Bonus 2 - Two free banner ads in my email newsletter “SpiritTalk with Phoenix.” Each issue is emailed to over 4,000 like-minded, spirited individuals. You, your business or organizations will be included for FREE in two issues (a $100.00 value).  

Bonus 3 - Messages from God: 365 Simple Truths for Success, by me. This highly acclaimed and beautiful gift book (if I say so myself) contains 365 universal truths that lead to direct knowing, inner peace and certainty. Ask your question, open the book and receive amazingly accurate answers (a $20.00 value).

How much does my WIN mentoring program cost?

Answer… Not much, compared with the life-long benefits of becoming your “brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous self.”

To personally hire me would cost you
SEVEN times more than
your investment for this program

If you're wondering, "What's the price of your mentoring program?" I'm glad you asked. That's one of the best parts of this offer.

Once you get your life working at a higher level, you'll have achieved an accomplishment and awareness that no one can ever take away from you. 

It's a priceless asset that you'll have for the rest of your life. Your self confidence will be centered in faith, not fear. You will think, speak and act from a higher place that opens doors in life that were previously closed or, possibly, even unknown to you – personally and professionally.

After their involvement with WIN, participants have told me that they find it much easier to achieve the results they want in life.

In short, joining WIN can catapult your life to the next level of peace, prosperity and personal power.

Is taking your life to the next level worth the cost of
4 cappuccinos or smoothies a week?

The regular price for my WIN mentoring program is $495, but because you are a member of my newsletter community or were referred by a friend, I'm knocking off $196.00… which will bring your investment down to only $299. Or if you prefer, you can even make three monthly payments of $100.  

With either option you'll not only save money but also get $519.00 in FREE Bonus Gifts.

"Do YOU Want Your Life To Be Different?" 

If Your Answer Is Yes, Then You Will Do 
Whatever It Takes To Invest 
In This Guaranteed Program


“Empowered inner strength”
“Every time I go through another lesson I experience a big ‘AHA.' These are things I can practice immediately.

I have gained an inner strength in dealing with my current job and life. Perhaps the biggest benefit of participating in WIN is that it taught me how to allow myself to be okay with the unknown. I am empowered to consciously go forward.”

–Ana Melgoza


As promised, here's my 'RISK-FREE'
100% Money-Back Guarantee –

Here's my Ultimate 'No Risk' WIN 100% Guarantee. Because I am so confident that you'll get the exact details for Taking Your Life to the Next Level, if for some unseen reason, after actively participating in every class (live or playback) and following the action steps I recommend and it doesn't work to take your life to the next level, I will gladly refund your total tuition, no questions asked. 

Take Your Life to the Next Level
or Get 100% of Your Money Back… 
PLUS You Get To Keep The Bonuses.

Your enrolling in this program demonstrates 
that you understand the conditions of this guarantee.

To enroll in my WIN Mentoring Program,
click here now.

I can't take everyone,
so you must act quickly

This program will fill up, and because of my enormous commitment to you, and the attention to detail, I have to limit the number of participants in this program.

I can't help enough people using 1-on-1 consulting – so I've lowered the price dramatically by using this group coaching method.

The WIN program is a unique way to help you Take Your Life to the Next Level so you can start living the life you were born into this world to live - now.  

There are three easy ways
to register for WIN:

1. One-time payment option
Please use this PayPal button for
Secure Risk-Free Registration and your one-time $299 payment by credit card. After you register, I'll contact you to discuss whether you prefer the afternoon or evening program.


2. Three-installments plan
If you'd like to take advantage of three $100 monthly installments… please click on THIS PayPal button and $100 will be automatically deducted from your PayPal account or credit card each month over three months. After you register, I'll contact you to discuss whether you prefer the afternoon or evening program.

3. Or call me direct at 1-877-2-TRUTHS to submit your credit card information by phone.

I'll be happy to answer your questions and get you signed up right over the phone. It's simple. It's secure. It's quick. It's easy. It's personal.


From My Heart, I Wish You Every Success in Your Life,

P.S. - If you think this program might be helpful to you, but you'd like to ask more questions than I was able to answer on this web page, I'd love to speak with you. Click Here to Contact Me by Email or phone me at 1-877-2-TRUTHS. Please make sure to leave me your Phone Number and the best time to reach you and I'll be happy to answer your questions (and, if you wish, get you signed up) right over the phone.

See if WIN's Right For You. FREE Introductory "Preview" Teleclass
Wednesday, February 18 * Noon - 1pm EST or 9:30 - 10:30 pm EST
Email Phoenix to confirm your interest
in attending WIN Intro

Lynn “Phoenix” Marks, The Spirit Diva™, is an author, international speaker and pioneer in the field of “business and spirit” coaching. For over 20 years, Phoenix has inspired and assisted thousands of people – corporate executives, CEOs, established entrepreneurs and business owners – to understand the messages of their life and to use the full potential of their creative power to reach new levels of personal and professional success. A regular contributor to national magazines, Phoenix is also the founder of SpiritTalk™ radio and the author of Messages from God®, Strategies for Your Personal Success and The Gift of Change.

Copyright 2009, All Rights Reserved,
Lynn S. Marks / Phoenix
Messages from God®

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