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Mystic Pop Magazine - January/February 2007



By Naila Francis

This CD, from gifted intuitive and business and spiritual coach Phoenix, with music composed by Gerald Jay Markoe, plays like a gentle crash course in self-empowerment and affirmation. Combining spoken word and arrangements of classic orchestral instruments and celestial synthesizer sounds, the disc is perfect for meditation, yoga and relaxation and can even be played during sleep, as the messages — quiet reminders of our natural state of receptivity to abundance and love — are intended to penetrate to the soul level, transforming consciousness. Phoenix, author of the book “Messages from God,” has channeled the wisdom she shares on the CD, though many will recognize her insights as common tenets of today's popular self-help and spiritual leaders. Each segment, incorporating music from Markoe's previous CDs, including “Music of the Angels,” “Celestial Mozart,” “Zen Meditations” and “Melodies from the Pleiades,” works with a specific topic, though as may be expected with such universal principles, the messages often overlap, whether Phoenix is discussing tapping into one's authentic power, receiving higher guidance, practicing gratefulness or communicating truth. Her lovingly spoken truths include such reminders as: “The only thing that gets in the way of your greatness is you”; “The key to having money is your willingness to receive it”; “Every time you hold back what you feel, you lose your personal power and diminish your soul”; “Integrity is being responsible for your actions and inactions” and “Be selfish enough to be self-fulfilling.” It's soothing, inspirational guide that offers a quick refresher in what you already know at those times when we all forget.

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Natural Awakenings, Palm Beach - Nov 2006


Phoenix Lynn Marks' New CD Awakens the Soul with Uplifting Messages and Celestial Music

Spiritual Coach Lynn (Phoenix) Marks unveils her new CD “Messages from God” in time for the upcoming holiday season.  A unique blend of divine spoken words with uplifting celestial background music, this CD transforms the hearts and minds of listeners.

Best selling New Age composer Gerald Jay Markoe created the celestial music, which includes classical orchestral instruments, angelic voices and monk's choir. Together Markoe and Marks have created a CD that radiates love, peace and harmony. 

Borders in Boca Raton (441 and Glades Road) will be hosting a launch signing party on Thursday, November 30 at 7:30 pm. A percentage of all sales will go to local non-profit organizations.

“Phoenix, Lynn Marks is a gifted intuitive and pioneer in the field of business and spirit coaching.” – Evolve Magazine. She is the author of the book “Messages from God: 365 Simple Truths for Success” and founder of SpiritTalk Radio, a spiritual call-in and interview program.

“It's like playing my personal meditation.” said Richelle Doliner, Borders' South Florida District Marketing Manager.

“Messages from God” is the perfect gift for the holidays. The perfect antidote to stress, it has been helping listeners improve their yoga experience, relaxation, meditation, healing and work.

Gerald Jay Markoe has been called “The Mozart of the new age” by New Age Voice Magazine. Best known for his number one hits “Celestial Mozart,” “Music of the Angels,” and “Zen Meditations,” Markoe's music penetrates the soul.